Dr. Mohd Anwar

Mohd Anwar, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Computer Science

Director, Center for Advanced Studies in Identity Sciences

Director, Secure and Usable Social Media & Networks Lab

Co-Director, Cyber-Human Analytics Research for Internet of Things


Dr. Anwar is a computer scientist with research experience in two main areas: (1) cybersecurity and (2) mobile, smart, and connected health; the former is focused on intrusion detection, usable security, and cyber identity and the latter is focused specifically on the development of applications that use smartphones and wearables for individual health monitoring, online social media as public health monitoring platform as well as addressing interoperability issues in mHealth technologies. Towards pursuing these research goals, he uses AI, HCI, and Data Science techniques as well as apply theories from Social Sciences to design solutions. His research has been extensively funded by DoD, NSF, Air Force, and NSA.